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Long time customer MPG Ranch recently launched their Habitat Restoration Map.  This wonderfully detailed interactive map of their 10,000 acre Bitterroot Valley ranch incorporates images acquired by us over the last couple of years. "Established in 2009 and privately owned, MPG strives to preserve the natural communities that make this area beautiful and focuses on research to restore and protect native diversity. The Habitat Restoration Map captures our on going management plans and actions and provides a venue for discussion of restoration research and practices." 

To try out the map yourself, go to:  http://restorationmap.mpgranch.com/#/

The MPG Ranch's mission is to promote conservation through restoration, research, education and information sharing.  Eagle Digital Imaging has been providing 6 inch GSD color and CIR orthorectified and georeferenced images since 2011.  You can learn more about the MPG Ranch at: