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App Creation

There are three legs to information. First you have to be able to capture the required data. Second you have to have the expertise to convert the data into valuable information. And third you have to have the infrastructure to get the information to the decision makers.

This third leg often requires an App that allows the information to be easily used. Information is nearly useless if you can’t access it. In most cases we can lead you to existing Apps that will work for you. If there is no available App that will provide the ability to understand and use the acquired information, we can work with you to design and create one.

EagleView is a Precision Agriculture tool that provides a simple method to create complex prescriptions for variable rate applications. This tool can also be used in the field to efficiently create the best possible prescriptions.


Field Viewer is a simple mobile app that allows you to view the latest and historical color, CIR, or NDVI images in the field while making notes and identifying areas of interest.


GeoScout is based on Esri’s Collector and ArcGIS Online and provides the ability to view images, create georeferenced notes, share images of problem areas, and use georeferenced email. It operates on iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and Android tablets.


Stand Viewer allows the forester to identify potential problem areas in the office and then navigate directly to that area and make decisions while in the field.