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What it is and what it's used for.

The precision agriculture application can be very complex. We make it very easy. We provide the images required in a ready to go format. We also provide EagleView, a program that makes it very easy to adjust the growth zones and then set the prescription for a particular field.

The process involves reviewing the images, setting the zones, and then filling in the prescription. The program includes prompts to help with each step so that learning how to use the software is also very easy.

The main screen looks like typical GIS software in that you can view the images (zoom in/out, pan, etc.) to better understand the field.

You can then set a number of options such as the number of zones, the smoothing value, and even the color scheme you would like to use. We usually use a color scheme that starts with purple being the lowest vigor (the coldest color) through the spectrum to red being the highest vigor (the hottest color). Some people are used to other color schemes or have difficulty seeing some colors so we allow you to choose what you would like the color NDVI to look like.

The colorization of the NDVI is key to understanding the growth vigor of a field. EagleView allows you to set the lower and upper limit for the colorization so that you can "focus" on a particular part of the field or a particular problem you are trying to solve. There are no wrong values for the upper and lower limit so you can try a variety until what you see on the screen matches what you know about the field.

Our approach to precision agriculture is that it requires local expertise to work at its best. By letting a local expert, who could be the grower, a sales rep, or an agronomist, interpret the NDVI, we are allowing the resulting prescription to be as accurate as possible.

Further, all of the images can be loaded onto a notebook computer and taken to the field. EagleView can then be used in the field if desired to fine tune the prescription. All of our images are copyright free so there is no additional charge to make changes to the NDVIsettings or the prescription. These are your images and you can use them as many times as you like in whatever way you like.

Once the colorized NDVI is set, all you have to do is set the rate data for each of the zones. You don't have to set rate data for each individual zone, just set one value for all zones of a similar growth vigor. You can easily step through the zones and set whatever rate value you decide. The important thing to remember is that you (or an expert you choose) have complete control of the process.

You can review the final prescription by merely clicking the mouse on an area of the image and reading the value set. You don't have to conduct this review, but you can if you would like one last check before application.

By keeping the process simple and easy to learn, EagleView gives you local control of the precision agriculture process.

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General Brochure (PDF, 34.6 MB)

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Agriculture Brochure (PDF, 19.0 MB)

Agriculture is another of our main application areas. We are able to provide color, infrared and even vegetation index images that can be used by themselves or integrated into GPS systems for precision agriculture. The possibilities are endless, and the information you can get from our images often can't be found anywhere else. Check out this brochure for details.