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Image Scanning

Aerial photographs have been taken for a very long time. In many cases they are stored in boxes and no longer used. But they still have considerable historic value. The issue is that these photos are very difficult to use compared to the digital images you are now used to.

Eagle can change that. We now provide a service where we take your historical aerial photos, digitize them, and then deliver the digital version of the photos, a mosaicked georeferenced orthophoto, and a point cloud.

This enables you to load your historical images into your GIS along with your most recent digital images and see what the land looked like in the past. We can also provide services to evaluate the differences and provide change data. Or perhaps you would like to know when certain forest stands were last harvested or what was once growing on a field that is now being used as a vineyard.

Your historical photos are transformed from a stack in a dusty box in the basement to easy to use digital orthophotos (often tiled for even easier use) that you can view and analyze just by loading the appropriate file from your server.

Our process is fast, efficient, and affordable. As with most of our services, it is based upon a custom system we created that uses the latest 50 megapixel camera to digitize the original photo and our software to create the deliverables.

Now you can fill in the gaps in your knowledge as if you were working on that specific stand for the last 50 years. And you have the advantage of actual information from the past, not what you might have remembered or what someone else may have told you.

(Hover over image to see historical aerial photo)