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Our custom orthophotos are processed to give you exactly the information you need. We offer these GIS-ready images in a variety of resolutions, from less than 3-inch ground sample distance up to 1 meter and everything in between. Because of the custom systems we have developed and our direct georeferencing method, we can quickly and efficiently collect and process images covering small individual sites like harvest units or mines, blocks of forest sections, and even large ownership areas. Depending on your needs, we can provide color, color infrared, and NDVI images in a variety of digital formats.

Each one of our imaging projects is custom. We work directly with you to develop the project specifications that will help you accomplish your goals and integrate the information directly into your workflow. Whether you are doing forest inventory work, planning or monitoring a mine site, engaging in precision agriculture, or doing research on streams and wetlands, we can help you develop an imaging project that will provide you with actionable information.