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Technology is the cornerstone of Eagle. The technology that we use, much of it developed by Eagle, is what enables us to provide the information you desire. Most of our technology is based upon sensors in manned or unmanned aircraft using remote sensing to capture the raw data.

This raw data is critical to the process. Being a data generator instead of merely a data manipulator allows us to make sure that the raw data going into the process is optimized for the information being generated. This allows Eagle to create information that is optimized for the application. At times we are able to provide better information at a lower cost because of the control that we have over the entire process.

The list below provides a few examples of some of the technology we have developed over the years:

  • Airborne camera system that allows single pilot operation (without a camera operator)

  • Direct georeferencing system to create orthophotos without ground control

  • Video aiming system to ensure the required target site is entirely captured

  • IMU/GPS synchronizer and data conditioner

  • External orientation processor for input to an automated orthorectification process

  • Flight line tool to quickly create quotes and to create the required flight line files

  • Flight planning system to create extremely complex flight plans quickly

  • Dynamic flight lines to adapt to unknown site changes

  • Dual camera system (one RGB, one infrared) for creating 4-channel and color infrared images

  • Custom oblique angle camera system  to capture images for Autodesk’s 3D software testing

  • Custom camera system for efficient acquisition of images for Phodar

  • Super high resolution camera system to acquire images with <3” ground sample distance

  • Processing to obtain tree count information of forest stands

  • Volume measurement process to obtain stockpile volume metrics

  • EagleView desktop App for precision agriculture

  • Standviewer mobile App for forestry

  • Fieldviewer mobile App for agriculture